College Graduate Program

College Graduate Program
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As the season of Commencement ceremonies and graduation celebrations is winding down, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services would like to remind you about the Rising Star College Graduate Approval Program. Rising Star was created to offer recent college graduates the Mercedes-Benz experience in a deserving manner to their position as developing professionals. With minimal requirements, this select group of customers can enjoy their early success and start the journey as Mercedes-Benz customers for life.

Vehicle Eligibility:

  • New or Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles only.
  • Amount Financed or Capitalized Cost not to exceed $45,000 within applicable standard advance guidelines (refer to rate sheets).

Program Eligibility:
Guidelines and stipulations (All information must be provided before credit approval, meeting the program eligibility guidelines do not automatically guarantee credit approval).

  • Graduate of an accredited college with a 4-year undergraduate degree, graduate degree, -or- registered nursing degree earned within the previous 24 months.
  • A copy of the graduate’s diploma -or- official transcripts.
  • Proof of income required – Last 3 months of bank statements or most recent pay stub.
  • Customer must have a minimum of 24 months of credit on file.
  • Gross debt to income ratio not to exceed 50%.
  • Gross payment to income amount not to exceed 20%.
  • Must score Tier 2 -or- better.

Below is a Rising Star Program checklist that can be used for organizing the required documentation.

Name of College/University

  • Must be an accredited four-year College or University -or-
  • Accredited Graduate Program -or-
  • Accredited Registered Nursing Program

Proof of Graduate Status

  • Proof of graduate status (Copy of Graduate’s Diploma or Official Transcript) -or-
  • Letter from Registrar’s Office stating intent to graduate within the next 6 months

Proof of Income

  • Most recent paystub -or-
  • Last three months bank statements

Vehicle Requirement

  • New Mercedes-Benz
  • Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz

Advance Requirements

  • Amount Financed or Capitalized Cost not to exceed $45,000
  • Advance within standard guidelines for approved tier

Credit Requirements

  • Must have 24 months of credit on file
  • Gross debt to income ratio not to exceed 50%
  • Gross payment to income ratio not to exceed 20%
  • Must score Tier 2 or better
  • Scored tier will be used to determine interest rate