Pre-Paid Maintenance

Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

Mercedes-Benz Pre-Owned
Prepaid Maintenance


Mercedes-Benz is the expert when it comes to maintaining your Pre-Owned vehicle.

You´re driving one of life´s luxuries – a Mercedes-Benz Pre-Owned vehicle. Be sure to talk to your dealership representative about properly caring for your investment with Mercedes-Benz Pre-Owned Prepaid Maintenance. It´s the smart, convenient way to ensure your vehicle´s required maintenance needs are taken care of the right way.

Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance covers required maintenance at your vehicles specific maintenance intervals and provides these benefits:

  • 30% savings versus purchasing maintenance as you go
  • The convenience of having paid in advance
  • Maintenance performed by Mercedes-Benz trained technicians using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts
  • Potential increase in resale value

The plan offers 2 or 3 service packages to choose from, includes required services and may be purchased on model year 07 or newer vehicles and up to 80,000 total vehicle accumulated miles. Services must be performed in consecutive order.

Mercedes-Benz also offers flexible payment options. Please contact your dealership for more details.

Savings may vary by dealer and model. Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance is available for all models except Maybach, SLR, and SLS.


*For details, exclusions, and limitations on Mercedes-Benz Premier Prepaid Maintenance, contact your dealer, visit or call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES.

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