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C-Class Interior
Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of technology, whether it’s under the hood or in the passenger cabin. Adapting the latest technology to our vehicles has helped to make them some of the most cutting-edge, sought-after cars on the market. Every year, Mercedes-Benz continues to advance their vehicles, and every year, one vehicle in particular stands out from the pack.

Using Technology for Increased Safety

One area that has historically benefited greatly from evolutions in technology has been automotive safety. In the past, this often meant upgrading mechanical systems, but now, it is accomplished through the integration of advanced electronics and systems long reserved for highly-advanced projects.

  • Collision Prevention Assist Plus – Standard on the C-Class, this system uses radar to monitor traffic ahead of the vehicle. It can detect if the vehicle is approaching a slower vehicle in front too quickly, and will alert you to brake, or even start the braking process for you to reduce the impact of a potential collision.
  • Attention Assist – Sometimes the driver behind the wheel also needs to be watched. This system can detect if the driver is showing signs of drowsiness or driving patterns that indicate drowsiness, and will alert the driver to take action.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist – Radar sensors monitor the entire 360-degree area around a C-Class, and this system can warn you if it detects a vehicle that is in one of your blind spots. If you try to turn towards the vehicle, the system can apply brakes and can help to guide you back into your lane.
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist – Much like Attention Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist, this system can detect when your C-Class is drifting slightly, and may be slowly drifting out of your lane. It will warn, and then can correct you if need be.

Advanced Entertainment and Connection

The key with today’s vehicles is to make everything easy to use and intuitive. Car buyers don’t want to waste time learning difficult, intricate systems – they want technology with a short learning curve that is nonetheless powerful and engaging.

The new C-Class uses an intuitive touchpad and a slimline display screen for entertainment, navigation, and vehicle options. Using finger gestures and animated displays, it allows the driver to quickly control a multitude of options. The available Head-Up Display puts information in your line of sight, so you don’t have to glance away from the road – a technology that got its start in fighter jets.

Technology has also helped to bring the world with you when you are in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Thembrace® suite connects your car with your computer and smartphone, using apps, remote vehicle features, and browser-assisted searching. This all-in-one package provides seamless integration, allowing you to be connected with your vehicle when you’re away from it, and connected with your life when you’re in your vehicle.

Adding Convenience

Mercedes-Benz knows that driving can sometimes be a chore, so they have applied technology to take some of the hassle out of everyday life. Active Parking Assist, for instance, helps to end the question of whether a space is too small for you to parallel park. Using radar, it can determine if the space is big enough for the C-Class, and then it can even assist in the parking of the vehicle. Similarly, Advanced Access Systems mean you don’t have to put down your packages to dig through your purse or pockets for your keys – the C-Class can detect the presence of the key, and the doors will open with a slight tug on the door handles.

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class shows off the latest technology in a stunning fashion. It’s part of the reason why the car has been named the 2015 World Car of the Year – and it’s made the C-Class a head-turner at Mercedes-Benz of Massapequa. Stop by our location at 101 Sunrise Highway in Amityville – only minutes from Babylon, Hempstead and Freeport – and see the latest C-Class and other Mercedes-Benz models.

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