Mercedes-Benz Mobility Program

Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class

Mercedes-Benz is dedicated to providing the most convenient access to its vehicles for all of its drivers. To this end, the Mercedes-Benz brand has implemented the Mercedes-Benz Mobility Program. The Mercedes-Benz Mobility Program is a financial assistance program that helps to defray the cost of installing the mobility equipment that will allow you to fully enjoy your Mercedes-Benz.

The installation of mobility equipment can ensure the safety and proper operation of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle for people who would otherwise be completely unable to drive. The program also covers individuals who are utilizing any Mercedes-Benz vehicle as a passenger, and who would otherwise be inconvenienced by the normal operation of the vehicle.

Here are the major program guidelines of the Mobility Program and the Mobility Assist Discount.

  • Program applies to leases as well as purchases of Mercedes-Benz vehicles – The Mobility Program does not impose any limitations in terms of how a buyer chooses to drive a Mercedes-Benz. Whether you are leasing or buying, you have access to the same benefits of the Mobility Program and the discounts of the Mobility Assist Program.
  • Six months to install – The Mobility Program gives Mercedes-Benz drivers six months to install any mobility devices that are needed for the proper execution of the Mercedes-Benz driving experience.
  • Adaptive equipment – If you have a permanent disability that does not allow you to enter, exit, drive or be transported safely in a Mercedes-Benz, you may be reimbursed for adaptive equipment.
  • Certified preowned Mercedes-Benz conversions – If you convert to an all new or a certified preowned Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you can become eligible for up to $1000 of reimbursement for mobility hardware under the Mobility Assist Discount.

Mercedes-Benz continues to perform at the cutting edge of its industry in terms of vehicle performance and customer care. The Mobility Program and the Mobility Assist Discount are two of the most important initiatives from Mercedes-Benz to ensure that no one is left out of the Mercedes-Benz driving experience. Make sure that you take advantage of every aspect of these programs so that you will be able to take full advantage of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

In order to facilitate the administration of the Mobility Program and the Mobility Assist Discount, make sure that you include all relevant prescriptions and notes of condition from a licensed medical physician on official medical letterhead. These medical notes should state the specific diagnosis that creates a need for mobility hardware in your Mercedes-Benz. All of these documents can be mailed to the following address when they are required:

    MONTVALE, NJ 07645

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC will be the finer interpreter of all elements of the Mobility Program and the Mobility Assist Discount. Mercedes-Benz build its reputation on providing the widest and most accessible reach to full operation of its luxury vehicles.