New Mercedes-Benz Sedans for 2016

June 16th, 2015 by

New Sedan
One reason why Mercedes-Benz continues to stay at the front of the luxury vehicle pack is the constant innovation and introduction of new technology, and new vehicles. Year after year, Mercedes-Benz finds new and exciting ways to package their vehicles, and to provide the consumer with high-quality luxury vehicles. This approach has helped them to win three awards at the 2015 World Car Awards, and looking to the future, there’s a good chance they’ll be up on the platform again this coming year.

C 350e Plug-In Hybrid

One of the few awards Mercedes-Benz did not bring home this year is the World Green Car Award, but the C 350e Plug-In Hybrid looks to make a run at that title in 2016. While Mercedes-Benz has won the award twice before, it was with reduced-emissions, full-gasoline engines.

The C 350e would be equipped the same as any regular C 350, in terms of luxury and technology. Where it will differ is that it will be powered by an electric motor, featuring a 6.2 kWh lithium-ion battery with an output of 80 horsepower, partnered with a four-cylinder gasoline engine producing 208 horsepower. Combined, the system will produce an impressive 443 lb-ft of torque.

What this means is that the C 350e will be able to run for a handful of miles on pure electricity – Mercedes is currently estimating it will be in the 20-mile range. While this cannot compare to the fully-electric, zero-emission electric vehicles, the C 350e is not meant to be run regularly as an all-electric vehicle. Four different modes are available to dictate how the C 350e uses the battery and engine

One nice little trick that Mercedes-Benz is pulling out of its sleeve will come with navigation system-equipped vehicles. With the vehicle in Economy transmission mode and Hybrid powertrain mode, and a destination entered into the navigation system, the system will automatically choose the most fuel-efficient route, and the car will regulate the tractions battery’s state of charge in order to maximize fuel economy.

New Sedan

C 450 AMG® Sport 4MATIC®

Mercedes-Benz is balancing the scales with its other new sedan. While the C 350e is aimed at those looking for fuel efficiency, the C 450 AMG® Sport 4MATIC® is aimed at those who are willing to throw fuel economy out of the window and just want pure driving excitement.

The AMG® Sport line is the bridge across the gap between the regular Mercedes-Benz models and the high-performance, over-the-top Mercedes-AMG® models. The AMG® Sport line will offer increased performance over their regular Mercedes-Benz siblings, but will provide less power but more controllability than the Mercedes-AMG® analogues. Essentially, it’s a Mercedes-Benz that shows that you love sport performance, but that you also value everyday ease of use.

The C 450 will have the same twin-turbocharged V6 that the C 400 has, but tuned up to 362 horsepower. While this is 107 horsepower less than the AMG® C 63 – the AMG® Coupe version of the C 400 – the C 450 will retain the control that comes with the 4MATIC®, and it comes with a seven-speed automatic with manual mode.

The 4MATIC® system has been tuned to provide extra torque to the rear wheels, to retain the sporty feel. While the C 400 is fairly evenly balanced in torque balance, the C 450 AMG® will have 67% of the 384 lb-ft of torque directed to the rear wheels.

With all of this inherited from the C 400 and tweaked, it also gets parts from the C 63, most notably, the axle components and adaptive sports suspension for control at high speeds. On the outside, it resembles the C 400 as well, although some individual touches such as the diamond grille and divided exhaust tips set it apart nicely.

We look forward to having both of these models in our showroom at Mercedes-Benz of Massapequa when they are released in late 2015. They will join the rest of the highly-respected Mercedes-Benz line-up that we have on display every day for you to come down and check out. Located only minutes from Babylon and Hicksville, at 101 Sunrise Highway in Amityville, New York, we are easy to get to. Let our experienced, knowledgeable and polite sales staff work with you to find the right Mercedes-Benz to fit your style. Contact us today for availability and pricing.

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