What is Active Parking Assist?

May 23rd, 2017 by

The process of parallel parking is frequently stressful even for those with years of driving experience under their belt. Some manage to master this with time and practice, while other never quite get the hang of fitting their vehicle perfectly in between two others in a horizontal line. If you’ve ever wished for a someone to wave a magic wand and help you parallel park in a tight spot, you’ll be glad to know that the next best thing to magic actually exists when it comes to solving parallel parking dilemmas. It’s called Active Park Assist.

Active Park Assist consists of ultrasonic sensors located on the vehicle’s bumpers that are programmed to facilitate mishap-free navigation of challenging spaces. This feature combines with the vehicle’s power steering system to ensure you land seamlessly in those elusive tight spots. In fact, Active Park Assist actually steers for you while you shift gears and operate the brakes and accelerator, allowing you to successfully parallel park without even touching your steering wheel.

How Active Park Assist Works

Active Park Assist starts solving your parallel parking issues before you’ve even decided on a spot. Its sensors monitor the sizes of potential parking spaces as you drive by, alerting you to when a good fit has been located via an arrow on the dashboard. Once the right spot has been found, all you have to do is pull up next to it, bring the vehicle to a stop, and shift into reverse gear while Active Park Assist works its magic and eliminates guesswork on your part to ensure a perfect parallel parking job with no risk of damage to your vehicle or others.

Active Park Assist is equipped with a Surround View System consisting of four cameras that top-down provide views of all four sides of the vehicle, allowing you to see exactly how you fit into the parking spot. You’ll also receive on-screen guidelines to let you know the exact amount of acceleration necessary and when it’s time to put on the brake.

Added Benefits

As if all this weren’t enough, Active Park Assist has features designed to assure a seamless exit from tightly-packed urban parking spaces.You’re probably all too familiar with the frustrations involved in attempting to simultaneously maneuver your vehicle out of a tight spot while keeping a sharp eye out for oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Always keep in mind, however, that remaining alert and aware of your surroundings is always at the top of the list of your responsibilities as a driver, so think of Active Assist as a partner in navigation rather than the leader, and be ready to intervene if it becomes necessary.

To earn more about how Active Park Assist and other state-of-the-art technology can make your driving experience safer and more pleasant, please feel free to contact your local Mercedes dealer at your earliest convenience. Take one for a test drive and try out the Active Park Assist feature, and you just may find yourself believing in magic.