Your Apple Watch With Your Mercedes-Benz

August 10th, 2015 by

Apple Watch
One of the latest technology gizmos to make a splash is the Apple Watch. This wearable Apple product links with other Apple devices to allow the user to access information, messages, music, and more without having to take their smartphones out of their pockets. It provides instant information, right on your wrist, for a quick glance. Much of this information originates from phone-based apps, such as the soon-to-come Mercedes-Benz Companion App – available for both the Apple Watch, as well as for the iPhone.

This app provides seamless linking from the smartphone, to the watch, to the Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Online system. This can potentially allow for a wide variety of functions.

  • Navigation – The confirmed, primary use of the app, a user can look for directions on their smartphone even before setting foot in the car. Once they have linked these directions through the watch, the app will sync with the in-car navigation for driving directions. When the user leaves the car, the directions will revert to the watch, allowing for seamless transition to walking paths. On top of that, you’ll never have to wonder where you parked – the watch will be able to provide walking directions back to the car.
  • Information – Yet another confirmed feature of the app, a vehicle owner will be able to access vehicle information through the app, regardless of where they are. This includes fuel levels, current range with fuel, maintenance codes, and the odometer reading. This allows the owner to keep an eye on their vehicle, even if another person is using it.
  • Security – Not a confirmed feature, but one that has been suggested as a feature for down the road. This could include locking and unlocking doors, setting an alarm, or even working with the in-car systems in conjunction with parental controls for teen drivers.
  • Key Replacement – Could the Apple Watch and the Mercedes-Benz Companion App even work as a replacement for a keyfob down the road? It’s certainly a possibility – although, as the watch requires an iPhone within range to use, you would still be required to carry something with you any time you went to use the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz has stated they are looking into a number of ways to utilize the Apple Watch and Mercedes-Benz Companion app further. However, they insist that they won’t inflate the app, instead focusing it only for uses that are helpful and useful for all Mercedes owners.

Mercedes-Benz Companion will be launching this fall, and will be compatible with the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class and S-Class to start. Access to additional Mercedes-Benz models will come as time passes, depending on the demand of buyers and the technological advancements – so if you are an E-Class devotee or need the space and versatility of the G-Class crossover vehicles, you won’t have too long to wait.

Mercedes-Benz Companion is certainly an exciting development for Mercedes-Benz, but it is only one of the many technological advancements you can find in our latest vehicles. To see the use of this app when it debuts, plus the other entertainment and information advances available across the pantheon of Mercedes vehicles, stop in to Mercedes-Benz of Massapequa and talk to one of our knowledgeable, friendly sales staff. We are located at 101 Sunrise Highway in Amityville, New York – only minutes away from Islip, Babylon, Hempstead, and the rest of Long Island.

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